'A Vintage Vanity' on her Iconic Rockabilly Style

2014-02-21 12:07:55

'A Vintage Vanity' on her Iconic Rockabilly Style

Finger wave your inner Rita Hayworth "hello", dance like no one's watching, and keep your denman brush nearby to see the world through the bright eyes of A Vintage Vanity.

vintage vanity
What are your favorite hair products? 

Foam rollers are the love of my life!  Using them with an overnight wet set produces fabulous curls that will last for days!  My teasing brush is used on a daily basis, making backcombing/teasing a snap and works wonderfully at smoothing out the hair.  My Denman brush is a new addition to my vanity but it does an amazing job at brushing out a curl set, which is key to achieving a fabulous vintage do!  I’m constantly trying different styling products but the ones I reach for the most are Vintage Glam’s Thermal Freeze Spray (every gal needs a hairspray they can count on), Curly Sexy Hair’s Curl Crème works wonders as a setting lotion producing smooth curls that have staying power, and Kenra’s Platinum Grooming Pomade 4 really helps to add shine and smooth down any stray hairs without weighing down my hair or making it look greasy!

What is something that every young lady should know how to do these days?

Short and simple: I think every young lady needs to know how to give and receive a compliment, sew a button, change a tire, dance like a fool, laugh with every muscle in her body, and be true to herself.

What are your plans for 2014?

I’m planning on launching my website, continuing to offer new and more fabulous hair tutorials every Thursday, more DIY projects on Sundays with beauty products, home decor and clothing, and of course even more unboxings,  beauty reviews, look-books, and vlogs!  Things this year are going to be better than ever and we’ll dive even more into vintage styles!  It's all about creativity and pushing the channel to new limits and exploring fun ways to present the information.  Hopefully someday I’ll be able to launch a line of skirts and styling products…who knows what the future will bring...I'll keep dreaming big!


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