Ouidad Q&A: How Damaging is Straightening?

2010-10-15 10:51:49

Ouidad Q&A: How Damaging is Straightening?

The Queen of Curl answers all your curly hair questions

Dear Ouidad: Does straightening my hair permanently damage my curl pattern?

A: Of course—your curl pattern is going to change and be damaged. As the hair grows out, you may also see a different curl pattern—the roots will be tighter and the ends will be looser

Don't ever chemically straighten your curls! I made the mistake of doing it before I found this website, and I totally regret it! I used to get such beautiful banana curls. Not anymore. It has been years since I straightened it, but my hair just isn't the same.
I straightened my hair recently. i almost never straightened but i needed a change. Now the underneath which is usually the curliest part is much, much straighter then usual, and barley curls. How can i bring it back to it's normal curls?
That's actually how my hair currently is, after years of straightening. How can I get the roots of my hair to be loose like my ends.