The back-to-school rush is on, and if the thought of spending hours on your hair makes you want to throw on a hat and call it a day, don’t reach into that closet just yet. Top stylists share their tress tricks in this time-saving guide that’s sure to help you get your glam on — and put time back on your side!

These were great tips and producs mentioned in the article. Bobby pins have been a life saver for me...I never tried reactivating my curls mid-day before (can't wait to try that out!!!) I love how you guys got tips from different stylists and great products to try out as well...such a variety!! Going to be looking these products up tonight on Curl Mart Yayyyyy thanks again!!!
great tips! thanks :) it can be overwhelming sometimes to think of what to do with the hair in the winter months especially, so these are good.
These tricks are wonderful, except the products that are mentioned are not CG. Someone should write an article about Cheap CG products. Most of the salon products and even the ones in CurlMart are way too expensive. I wouldn't even consider purchasing them.
I'm totally rockin' step #1. My mom isn't really getting why I skipping straigtening my hair this morning, but I'm so tired of pin straight hair. It's not naturally straight and I'm going to stop doing weird things to get it like that. lol!
All of these tips are truly wonderful, I only read this article today and I have been using all these methods since when... I have also come to realize that washing curly hair at night and just towel drying, makes hair much easier to handle the next day, and so much softer!!