Redheaded young woman smiling with her hand on top of her head

Not all curls are created equal — especially when it comes to deep conditioning! Textured hair hair needs more moisture than straight hair. Deep conditioning strengthens weak hair, prevents further breakage and is essential for shiny, bouncy, healthy hair. But when it comes to wavy hair and deep conditioning, type 2s should remember that less is more. Here are my my top five tips for deep conditioning your waves.

1. Experiment with different products

Deep conditioners aren’t always the best solution for moisturizing wavy hair. Rich, thick conditioners that are great for curly and coily hair are often too heavy for wavy hair — they can weigh down and elongate waves, making your hair straight. The best way to find a product that suites your hair is to try and try again!

2. Use a thicker or leave-in conditioner

If your wavy hair is fine, a slightly thicker conditioner or a leave-in conditioner might do the trick! When I need a surge of moisture, I switch up my routine and use Jessicurl Too Shea! Extra Moisturizing Conditioner. I simply leave it in for five minutes while I’m in the shower, using the same technique as I do with my daily conditioner. I also use Paul Mitchell The Cream as a leave-in conditioner or styler on occasion.

3. Don’t forget the heat

Not all deep conditioners require heat, but it is good to rinse your hair with warm water before applying your product. This allows the hair cuticle to open up so that your hair can fully absorb all the nutrients from the conditioner.

4. Focus on the ends

When applying any conditioner, whether it be your daily conditioner, a leave-in or a deep conditioning product, it is important to remember that you really only need to apply product to the length of your hair. Stay away from the roots, since they produce enough oils on their own and lay it on thick at the ends where your hair is the oldest and tends to dry out the most.

5. Deep condition sparingly

Wavy hair typically doesn’t need deep conditioning as often as curly or coily hair. In the summer, when my hair is drier, I use Jessicurl Too Shea! or Paul Mitchell The Cream about once a week.

It might take some time to figure out what works best for your hair. You’ll have to experiment with different brands and types of conditioners and you’ll have to figure out a schedule. Eventually, you will find a routine. Once you do, stick to it! Moisturized hair is happy hair!