9 Wavy Cleansing Conditioners Under $20

2013-04-03 12:49:12

9 Wavy Cleansing Conditioners Under $20

Cleansing conditioners can balance curly hair, leaving the roots clean while moisturizing the ends. Have you made the switch yet?

As more people learn about the drawbacks of using shampoos with sulfates and other hair stripping ingredients, they are looking to cleansing conditioners as multi-tasking products that will repair hair. These products are especially useful for those with curly hair, which tends to be drier and frizzier.

Cleansing conditioners can balance curly hair, leaving the roots clean while moisturizing the ends. These products do have to be used more often in order to work properly and require massaging the scalp when applying so that the friction will cleanse. It is also a good idea to use a shampoo every third or fourth wash in order to avoid product build up.

Check out these fantastic cleansing conditioners for Type 2 and Type 3 hair, all under $20!

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Seriously? I am 3C and according to this article only 1 or 2 products are going to cleanse and condition my hair? This list is not inclusive of all curlies. I don't understand why this article was posted.
I have 4C hair and I like JessiCurl Cleansing Cream. I get some lather without it drying my hair out, but my hair and scalp still come out clean. You really just have to try stuff to see what works for your hair though. Others can only give recommendations :)
I'm 4a and use and love Wen. I only buy it from QVC, because they have more specials that make the cost considerably more reasonable. The initial starter kit from Guthy-Renker makes you purchase products you don't necessarily want, and I don't know if it's still limited to the Sweet Almond Mint. I prefer the Lavender and Pomagranate. Fig, which is supposed to be exceptional for 3c+ hair, leaves my hair too soft for my liking.
I'd most certainly add Sofn'free Nothing But Cleansing Conditioner to this list. I work with the brand and know that it has cut the muster with natural-hair enthusiasts like's Nicole Melton, trichologist Dr. Kari Williams and celebrity stylist Felicia Leatherwood. And yes, it's great on 4b hair, too. And the price: $8.99.
I'm 3c in the front of my head, around the crown. 4a, around sides, middle and back of my head. The Curls Cleansing Cream was pretty decent. Darcy Botanicals' cleansing cream is good too.I know some 4 types, say that is more like a co-wash, but my hair felt clean after using it. I know a 4a curly, who swears by the Carol's Daughter hair milk cleansing cream, but I hated it. Dried my hair out.
I'm a type 4 and I have used most of these. Out of this list the best one is the Curl Junkie Daily Fix. Its moisturizing and cleansing at the same time.
I just thought the same thing. I'm a type 4 and so is my oldest daughter. Hard to find many things that work and was hoping this list would be helpful. Guess not, lol.
Hmmm, so I guess us type 4 gals are SOL, huh? SMDH.
I was thinking the same thing!!