Ouidad Q&A: I Want Curly, Wavy Hair

2011-11-17 12:46:10

Ouidad Q&A: I Want Curly, Wavy Hair

Learn how to add curls to your wavy locks.

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Dear Ouidad:

My hair is wavy, not curly at all unless I add products. Would you recommend my getting a perm or body wave? I had one many years ago and loved it. The curls were spiral and natural looking. It's the only way I can think of to get those curls I want and not have to put tons of styling products in my hair and be able to leave the house quickly in the mornings.

Dear Wavy:

Wavy hair is gorgeous, too! I always tell my clients in the salon to embrace their natural curl (or wave) pattern and work with it before going to chemical processes (like perm or softening). If you’re really looking to get that curly, wavy look though make sure that you prepare your hair with a nourishing Deep Treatment and get a gentle spiral perm. We’ve come a long way with the perms!

I've tried the spiral perm, but it falls out of my hair within a week. Does anyone else have this problem? I always end up using lots of product. The most compliments I get, though, is when I use my U-Smooth hairspray after styling.
I also want a gentle perm for my crown/canopy hair. That hair is 2C and doesn't blend well with my 3A-3b sides and front. Is there a specific salon perm that is least damaging I could ask for?
my hair is the same way! I'm definity going to think sersiously ( I'm a horriable speller sorry) about a gentle spiral perm It sounds like its what I have been waiting for!:0