How do you overcome boredom during that dreaded in-between phase when your hair is neither long nor short? It may seem like this phase can take eons, but just hang in there.

Look for inspiration wherever you can find it. Combing through magazines, blogs, YouTube videos, and web sites geared toward the curly girl (like this one) are great motivators that help spark the creativity we need to get through that rough period.

Wow amazing tips, thanks so much! ''sarcastic voice''...
I guess thats why they're asking for freelance writers because.... This is IT! WOW... wonderful intro...
I agree with everything that's been said...this post was TERRIBLE
WOW.. Not really what I was expecting...
That's it? Wow. I just got mugged...
Lol I'm gonna have to agree with the above comments.
I agree with Juliana. Seriously, it's like someone wrote the introduction and the conclusion but forgot there should be information in between. If you don't have a single tip to share, perhaps starting a forum post and asking for suggestions is a better idea.
JulianneS: I enjoyed reading your comment far better. Thx :)
I agree this was very unhelpful and a complete waste of time
Really???? That's all you got????
This was a terrible post!
Seriously? That's the advice from a post entitled "Escape the Boredom of Growing Out Hair"? Really? A bit anticlimactic, don't you think? No style ideas, no tips, no tricks, just a two paragraph statement of the obvious-- flip through curly mags/sites/blogs to find inspiration... That's why I looked up this post, for inspiration, not for someone to tell me to go look up another post/article/youtube video. Sorry to be harsh, but this post made my brain want to explode.