New Video Bloggers! See Our 15 New Video Bloggers

2013-08-19 12:10:25

New Video Bloggers! See Our 15 New Video Bloggers

We received so many great entries into our search for new video bloggers. See the 15 we picked as our new video bloggers!

You completely overwhelmed us with your talent, energy and social networking skills! We knew there were some creative curlies out there, and wow, did you ever prove it!

We loved every one of the 37 videos that were submitted for our "Search for 5 new Video Bloggers" contest; they were all so entertaining. We loved them so much we couldn't narrow our list to 5; we ended up selecting 15 bloggers to help us out this round!

And the super-good news is that we know we'll be expanding our video coverage in the near future, and will be able to draw on the rest of the submissions to help us out from time to time!

Winners were selected based on views, creativity and personality. Congrats ladies! We look forward to your videos.

@teachermrw Considering there were only 37 applicants and nearly half were chosen I think it's safe to say a majority of the applicants were people of color. Also considering most of the world is people of color. It's also safe to say that's mostly what you're going to see. I looked at the list and SAW 3's and 4's, that type of hair is obviously present. That is all.
I am sure that the ladies selected are well-qualified, and will do a great job. That said, I have two questions: 1. Why, with the exception of one, are they of color? 2. Do they represent Types 3 *and* 4? Not much diversity. :(
No Wavies???!!!! Are you kidding me?
Congrats ladies!!! I can't wait to watch.