Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Feeling a little wild? If so, the Lady Gaga look will be perfect for you! While we do often see her with straight, platinum blonde hair, she has also pulled off a blonde ‘fro as well as shoulder length curls. You could be creative with your hairstyle as well as your outfit. As long as you are willing to be bold with your makeup and wear something crazy you will look the part!

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Um...Black Widow? Come on, Iron Man two is even recent. This list wasn't actually very good.
WHAT!!?? Where's Magenta?!
I'm being little dead riding hood: cute brown curly pigtails, but the red cloak is slashed and dirty, empty basket, and fake blood & slashes on face & arms. Blonde curlies could do this to goldilocks-- who didn't quite outrun the bears!