Rosanna Rosannadana

Rosanna Rosannadana

Rosanna is known from the earlier days of Saturday Night Live. She was brought in for commentary on current issues, and commentary is exactly what she gave. Dressing up like Rosanna is a great excuse to let your curly hair go wild and to try and get is as big as possible.

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NaturallyCurly Editors Review Target's Fall Beauty Faves
Um...Black Widow? Come on, Iron Man two is even recent. This list wasn't actually very good.
WHAT!!?? Where's Magenta?!
I'm being little dead riding hood: cute brown curly pigtails, but the red cloak is slashed and dirty, empty basket, and fake blood & slashes on face & arms. Blonde curlies could do this to goldilocks-- who didn't quite outrun the bears!