World of Curls: Canadian Vlogger Miss Mikayla G.

2014-06-05 13:28:52

World of Curls: Canadian Vlogger Miss Mikayla G.

Canadian wavy-hair vlogger and college student Miss Mikayla G. offers up fashion, beauty, and hair advice on her YouTube.

The curly girl/natural hair movement is literally becoming a worldwide movement of men and women of all ages, races, ethnicities, and hair types embracing their natural hair, beauty, and body. Miss Mikayla G. hails from Canada, where she creates YouTube videos that are both entertaining and informational, based on her love of helping others with hair, beauty, and fashion.

Briefly introduce yourself.

Hello! I'm Mikayla and I'm a Canadian Beauty Vlogger on YouTube as well as a Broadcast and Media Communications student in Vancouver. 

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Devri Velazquez

Devri Velazquez

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