Delineation Salon

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    Ontario M4P 2E7
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  • T: 1.416.484.6922
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Our mission is to continue to provide a renowned retail, salon and spa experience. We will continually search the industry marketplace for the newest technology and the highest quality of hair care. There have been numerous projects that the salon owners, plus their team of both stylists and those on the retail level, have tested and developed. The Hand Dry Hair Glove has been featured in numerous editorials with many testimonials on the effectiveness of this innovative styling tool. We are now launching a towel in the same luxury fabric. Curly hair styling products have also been developed: Just Great Curls Lotion and Just Great Curls Gel. Stylelab, the salon incorporated into Delineation, has six experienced stylists. Two are not only curly hair experts but have a passion for all types of curls! Take a moment to learn more about our curly hair experts on our website under "About Us, Meet Our Staff."

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