My husband loves raking his fingers through my hair. I know it's a sign of affection but it drives me crazy. He's recently adjusted to the idea of just brushing a curl back softly with his finger instead of sticking his whole hand in. Better but not perfect. It is, of course, better than when he used to try to get a fine-toothed comb into my hair. His hair is straight and needs to be combed fairly often or it tangles so he carries a small comb everywhere. When he wants to torture me he pulls out that comb and advances towards me slowly.
CG since 6/15/09 -- fine/medium texture, medium porosity

Conditioners: GTTTT, Kenra & KCKT
DT: CJ Hibiscus Banana Deep Fix
Styling: KCCC, KCHP, HEBE, Loma Imply