This thread (although this whole site is as well!) is so inspiring and motivating my head would explode if I even tried to describe how helpful it is.

Thank you kindly, m'am, for being thoughtful and starting it.

I'm only about two weeks into my transition officially, my last relaxer being on the last day of school (why the hail my mother decided to get my hair done AFTER school was over.. no clue, she's crazy.)

So when I complain about not knowing what to put on my hair, how I barely feel any new growth, I just read transition journeys, that are as little as < 6 months or as long as years!

I'm so crazy about the big chop also, I keep having to remind myself that if I were to do it right this second I'd have a cul-de-sac balding look goin' on. David Cross and I have the same kind of glasses but we certainly are not going to rock the same hairstyle.

I'm a bit of--.. k, I'm a big dork, so throughout this whole process, I might get really antsy. I hope you guys can put up with me, haha. Just ignore the spaz!

So I say thank you/gracias/danke schön/merci/takk fyrir/toda raba/etcetera! to you all in advance for being there if anything.

I hope I'll be able to help someone else out too. C:
4a, fine-coarse, normal-high porosity, thick and dense sponge cake!
currently texlaxed!
APL stretched, ear length curly.
Hair <3s: butters, glycerin, honey, coconut, aloe, olive oil
Hair </3s: other oils, protein, 'cones, sulfates
Cleanse: Bentonite Clay
Condition: Shea Moisture Restorative, KUI Hydrating Hemp
Leave-In: KCKT+castor oil, KUI Coconut Cream
Style: Curl pudding (eco styler blue gel+shea butter+castor oil+conditioner)