friends: quit making me feel guilty when i don't blow off obligations to work, school, family to come get drunk with you!!! don't make me feel bad that i don't spend my money on dinners and clothes and drinks like you do. i work hard, i want to succeed, and i'm willing to make sacrifices to do so. don't make me feel bad about it!!! and if you *borrow* a book or movie, i'm NOT GIVING IT TO YOU!

aunt: why are you so philanthropic to "the disadvantaged," yet you are cruel and dismissive towards my father? he is the sweetest man alive, and you have emasculated him and embarrassed him in front of me enough times. i want to toss you into the deep blue pacific ocean, you terrible shrew!! (no, not a death threat, i just hate the old bag) TIP--don't buy people gifts from garage sales...they'll KNOW!
don't blatantly admit you favor one grandchild over another. they may only be 1 and 3, but your attitude will carry over and they'll eventually realize.

people in general: take some f-ing responsibility for your actions and stop expecting me to give you a free ride in life! learn to advance yourself and your group-of-choice by performing well in the workplace, not *demanding* extra benefits!

activists: until you provide a viable alternative solution, i'm not interested. and a "vomit-in" will not make me suddenly take your cause seriously.

global community: wake up! look at history! appeasement never worked! israel is protecting itself! it cannot be called an apartheid state when all religions are permitted to practice freely inside the borders!
palestinians are brainwashed from the time they are born to see israel as an enemy to defeat, not a nation with which to peacefully co-exist! they are being used as political pawns by everyone from the dictatorial surrounding 22 arab countries to the radical leftists. the hate palestinians are being taught is all over the textbooks...and the money flowing to that country goes to arafat's bank accounts and explosive belts, rather than education reform. on the contrary, money to israel has allowed them to do things like invent the cellphone and allow churches, mosques AND synagogues. the fact that I'm jewish has nothing to do with this. the fact that I believe in the preservation of democracy has everything to do with this. so when you want to cry and moan over poor rachel corrie, please remember how she and other ISM idiots go to the middle east to teach hatred towards america and israel, rather than using the fruits of the liberties they've enjoyed here to teach the palestinians to help free themselves from the grip of terrorists like arafat!!!!

die hard liberals i understand your feelings, but you're living in a dream world. it was a rude awakening for me, but people are not good at heart. they are simply animals capable of extreme good and extreme evil. also of extreme jealousy...the desire to outdo others will always exist, regardless of the type of society in which man lives. enacting policies based on how you'd like people to be, rather than how they really are...bad idea!

die hard conservatives i understand your feelings, too, but the more you try to impose religion on others, the more they will resist. america is rooted too deeply in the ideals of personal freedom to ever abolish abortion... if you are opposed to abortion, raise money to educate teens and create private programs to present alternatives to women who accidentally become pregnant.

bush is not hitler. anyone who actually believes this should rot in the deepest cavernous depths of michael moore's A*N*U*S!!

/rant over

thanks for letting me vent!