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Originally Posted by IamDonna View Post
Originally Posted by onethousandcurls View Post
Well, I tried it with a fine tooth comb. Yucky yucky. Not to mention ouchy ouchy. And tedious. I'll wait to try again when I have an actual Denman brush.

And know my clump obsession. I'll take everyone's pet peeves - frizz, too much volume, flat top, etc. - but I will not tolerate skinny curls.

Make a video. Please!!!!
I guess I"ll have to get my *ss up to Wal-Mart and pick up that brush!! If I can get this to work for me it will be a major improvement!!
I'll let ya know what happens.
Rudee will look 4 some pics of my hair shorter.
Be waiting on that video!!
I would be curious to see if I have a hair twin Also, Please bear in mind, with your length, get the crown to clump or even lift might not be possible
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