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You can see my hair length in my avatar (it's just a little longer now). I use 4 quarter sized blobs on my hair. I think I could probably use more, but I also use AVG, and I think my hair would just get a little over saturated with product if I increased the amount. Sometimes I water down the KY too (about 50/50), but lately I've been short on time, so I just scrunch it in full strength.

FYI- you can get the generic Walmart brand for less than $2. I've used the KY brand (~$6?), the Walgreens generic brand (~$4), and the Walmart generic brand (~$2) with the same results. When I saw how inexpensive it was, I just went ahead and purchased 4 or 5 tubes...that was an entertaining checkout!

i wonder what would get you the most strange looks, 1-letting them wonder what you would be doing to use that much (if using it for what it is designed for)
or 2-telling them its for your hair!

only a curly could understand!
Yeah I was actually really entertained by all the odd looks, but I guess that's just my strange (curly minded if you will) sense of humor!
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