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Originally Posted by lasarita View Post
Another satisfied curly! I tried it yesterday:
1. Co-wash w/ suave something
2. RO w/ LVPNG (first time with this, too, so that might affect the good results)
3. CJ CCCC combed in w/ Denman knock off (first time w/ a brush since I went CG)
4. pooled cool water in my hands and lovingly puddled my hair - in the shower
5. scrunched in LASG and then Aquis towel.
6. air dried to lovely soft clumps

Like I pointed out, I tried a number of "new" things yesterday, but the combo definitely worked well. Probably THE best hair day since I've gone CG.

I think the real test is, normally I wash at night and necessarily part of my drying is done while sleeping so I don't always get the best curl formation then. I'll try it out and report back. (sorry no pics this time)
Hooray for good hair days! WHich variable do you think contributed most?
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