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This method really makes you look closer to 3B. Well, OK, 3B spiralness with 3A curl diameter, which means - nice clumps!

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Ok. I know you girls are waiting for the video and I promise its coming. My son is taking a filmaking seminar this week, as it happens, so all his gear is out and I am hopeful we will get it done by the weekend.

Til then I posted some pics on my photobucket of how the hair looks about midway thru the diffusing process ( I tried to take pics of the SS method, but there is SO MUCH water invloved I was afraid to wreck my digital cam).

Sorry I still havent figured out how to post friggin thumbnails but they are the first 3 pics on the opening page.
My curl varies with product, technique and weather (duh). But I think, if I put ABSOLUTELY zero product in my hair and didnt touch it til it dried, I would be an even split between 3a and 3b.

Its so confusing
It makes sense. You have a 3b spiral, but you have the width and fatness in your curl of a 3a, and IIRC, your natural state is more 3a-ish when it comes to root curl.

I have 3b curl diameter, but closer to a 3a spiral pattern, especially at my current length. I also have an easy time with root curl, especially at short lengths, which is more a 3b thing. As long as my moisture/protein balance is in check, the root curl is there.

In the end, I guess it isn't all that relevant; curls are curls.
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