Two kind of unrelated thoughts regarding this method (I'm planning on trying it tomorrow):

1. Can I spray water in instead of cupping it?

2. This seems tailor made for using with CJ Smoothing Gellie since you're supposed to wet it after applying to "activate."
Originally Posted by anatidaephobia
I stumbled upon this method when working with the SG and looking for ways to "activate it". But trust me, it works with most any products that work with your hair.

As for spraying; I dont think it will work as well, but you could surely try. For me personally the key is SOAKING the hair. I dont even get the same result when I do this in the shower, even if I replicate the way I do it at the sink. The force of the shower spray is fine and dispersed and I cant quite get the handfuls of water necessary to soak my hair properly.

I also think its crucial to soak the hair from the bottom up (as opposed to spraying or rewetting under the shower head) to avoid flattop.

On a side note, I am so thrilled that so many curlies are having such great success. Not to be corny, but I finally feel like I have contributed something back to the site that gave me all that I know about my hair.

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