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So today, I tried the following: after I rinsed out the conditioner with my client's head back in the shampoo bowl, I raked in leave-in, raked in a bit of gel, then turned on the water, cupped my hand and scrunched in some water. I then flipped them upside down, loosened their hair at the hairline and scrunched in gel while they were still really wet.

Not perfect. But progress.
One variation on Rudee's method that has helped me: I apply my base (curl cream) before cupping/soaking, but then I don't apply the final product (gel for hold) until after plopping, when my hair is still wet but no longer soaking wet. I think (but am not sure) that that helps with the hold.
A couple of curlies have indicated that they do it in that order.

I will have to try it, but I suspect I will get surface frizz from that, as well as break up some of the clumps.
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