Hi all, I have not posted on this board in a very long time but I got my hair cut over the summer (in North Carolina - I live in NJ) and the stylist used this on me and I have been using it exculsively ever since (since the end of July - this is truly a record for me). My curls looked great and I mean GREAT, even in the humdity. I used slighty more when it was hot out than I use now that's it's cooler. I also used a tiny bit after my hair is dry if I was going somewhere for extra shine and hold.

I am not on CG, just so you know. I have frizz prone, coarse, thick, wavy/curly hair.

It's called Wella Systems Professional Hypercurl. It's about $20 for a large pump style bottle. It's a cream and you can use it on wet or dry hair. It has cones yet it does not seem to build up too badly (although I do wash my hair with shampoo 2 to 3 times a week). I use one pump per side with a little more on the back then I airdry for 20 minutes or so then diffuse.

You can't use too much or you will get hard hair BUT if you have issues with the curl not holding all day, frizz (which is a big one for me), no shine and lack of definition and body (I get great body if I diffuse, if I air dry all the way, then not so much) then give this a shot if you are not afraid of the 'cones. You can only get it in salons, I think, since I tried the internet and it only came up as something you can buy in Europe, but I called a chain salon in my area (haircolorexperts) and they got me my second bottle, FYI.

So, I just wanted to share my new Holy Grail.

Hope that helps someone!
Gel: BRHG mixed with Aura Naturalle Gel or B&A Gel
LI: GVP Conditioning Balm or Giovanni Smooth as Silk,
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (as a DC, before and after dying grays, and like a serum on dry hair)

Method: Air dry 20 minutes, then blow dry for volume.

2b/c mix waves/curls - coarse, frizz prone, med. thick, porous, at-home color for gray, protein sensitive but I still need it sometimes, glycerin-sensitive (I think) in high humidity, mod-CG routine.