Ok I've got this to work thick n wavy this may work for you since you don't have a strong curl pattern like rudee and plopping doesn't do anything for you. Plopping was pulling out my waves unless I used Honey which gives me SUPER hold. In the Winter I stopped plopping and when I use AF I don't need to plop cuz my hair dries so fast with it anyway.

When I did this successfully I used Afro Detangler and Komaza curl pudding as my "base" coats. I also got some clarification from Marsha about how much water she recommends when using SG so I used that as my guide because I think I was using too much water before. Will try this method with SG again and see how it plays....My hair can not withstand Denman or Brushing on a regular basis so I'm smoothing and scrunching instead. I also was noticing for me when I go to apply my Gel is when I lose the most clumping so I made modifications for that.

In the Shower I used my AD, went back under the shower for just a few seconds smoothed and scrunched. Got out of shower and put in Komaza pudding. At the sink put in a few small puddles of water scrunched in some more. Blotted well with CLU towel then topped with BRHG. Blotted a little more to get rid of drippies and clipped. I air dried most of the way then diffused just a little bit. What I liked about this was the volume reduction and that could be a combination of not plopping and adding a little water, not 100% certain yet but I'll be trying this again. I had plenty of volume on Day 2 more then Day 1

I didn't plop just clipped and air dried and didn't use my honey rinse so it's not as curly as it can get in the Summer. But I was testing out the Komaza in high dews and I was trying to be a good scientist
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