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Originally Posted by love yourself first View Post
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okay how come white people don't get the white polish the white german the white italian, white american? you know what i mean??
I'm not exactly sure, no. But I have known white people who strongly identify with a european heritage, so will proudly call themselves "irish", "italian" or "british" for example. If you are asking if there is a presumption that people from Europe are racially white, then, yes, there is that presumption. The opposite presumption is true of africans - if you learn someone is "south african" for example, would you automatically think they were of dutch or european africaanz descent? or would you think they were black? I think it does boil down to numeric majorities/minorities. It makes less sense in the US with all the diversity, especially as the population grows more and more non-white and also mixed.

But there are always exceptions. For example, the delicious Marcus Samuelson - swedish and raised by swedes but racially ethiopian.

I don't get what your saying, but what I'm saying is okay you've met people who are white and will be like I'm Polish-american...BUT most white people i know just go by straight up white or Caucasian. Yet black people have to be like african american. When you fill out that crap on papers you don't see irish-american scottish-american german-american yada yada.

If two white people came from africa and got citzenship would they be african american?
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