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Default NJ Roadtrip = New Hair Stuff!

Well, we do also have all of our family and good friends up north...but it was great to return with goodies-never can do that when we fly. While having lunch with friends, what did I see across the way? None other than a Sally's. But this Sally's had the two Lustrasilk conditioners that I have not been able to find down here. That got me thinking....Trader Joe's!!! Never had been to one before, but I made the hubby drive us to the closest one. I picked up a couple of the Nourish Spa and Refresh citrus conditioners. So I am all set for my CO washing spree. I have been strict CG for about a month now. It didn't work wonderfully for me in the past, but my hair has been craving moisture. I love the Lustrasilk Shea Cholesterol Plus as a CO and rinse out, and leave in as well, but I've been using the Olive Oil one to leave in. I haven't tried the TJ products yet, but I think I'll like them alot. And the price was right. It's just not right-cheap conditioners were one of the highlights of my visit, lol!
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