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So I'm new to all this. I had my 1 yr anniversary of being natural officially in June. I hope I uploaded the attached pictures correctly. I'm trying to wait patiently for some length. Can't wait to see my curls hang.

When are you gonna get a fotki staymay2? It's always nice to find another hair relative.
I never though my hair was creative enough for that. When I see the other girls fotki, I'm impressed. Also, I'm so new to all this. My hair is just starting to have some length. So the most I've played around w/ is doing the straight look. It has grown nicely. When it gets longer, I'd like to do twists & rodsets, etc. I try the twists every now & then. But, I'm still not happy with how it comes out. I think it would look much nicer once it has more length. But I love my curls.
Oh man are you serious? Your hair is gorgeous. And I'm sure there are plenty of twa's out there who have no idea how to get their coils as defined as yours. But I feel you though on not yet being content with the length. We're about the same length and I feel like I only want to start adding pics to my fotki once I have my BAA. lol
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