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Originally Posted by subbrock View Post
well my daughter's allergy is pretty severe. she put a pecan in her mouth and immediately spit it out. instantly her face became swollen, red, and itchy. so shes one of those people who can react without even ingesting the food.

i dont want her to grow up thinking that a pistachio is a death sentence, but i dont want to be too lax about the situation either.
I know there might not seem to a bright side to this story, but at least she didn't breakout being in the same room as the nuts (or touching them).

On a reality TV show about airlines, this guy was having a fit. He was extremely allergic and requested that no one in a certain amount of rows around him be served peanuts (due to allergic reaction to the peanut dust). Well he was flying Southwest and they don't have assigned seating so I guess you can see where this story goes. He was so upset. he had to use his epipen on the plane
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