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Originally Posted by angiecurls
Originally Posted by jeamaria
which one of the terms describes the frizz that happens when a clump of curls doesn't fuse together all the way, and you can kinda see spaces in between the strands?
In-the-Curls Frizz--This frizz occurs within the curls themselves so that the curls have a lack of smoothness or order. Frequently, this occurs between the curls, blurring the line of definition. This commonly is caused by stickier stylers and products with ionic charges that cause hairs to attract to each other.

could it be that? I have a question about that kind of frizz. I don't use sticky stylers, but I got that kind of frizz today, and how do you know if a product has ionic charges?
If there isn't any clumping/definition, it'd be more fluffy/poofball frizz.

If the frizz is between the curls like a netting and within the circumference of individual curls, angiecurls is right, it'd be In-the-Curls Frizz.

As for ionic charges, certain brands advertise they use them. Otherwise, it's by experience.
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