LOL@rudee. I am so familiar with this type of justification.

However, to address Jiliipoo's question. I will pay a decent amt for a product, however, BB's price per oz that seems just a little high for me. I would LOOOVE to try her conditioner, (its absent all the ingredients that my hair hates), however, its $20 for 8 oz. And I have to pay shipping. For some reason, that's just a price that I don't wanna pay. I can't tell you how long I've been staring at her conditioner.

I think, in the end, I'll prolly order the ingredients and do it up myself. I'll spend more making the stuff, but for the quanity that I get, it will be worth it.

And you know, really, if it were more like $15 bucks for 8 oz, I'd prolly have ordered it already. That's a little expensive for that amt, but $20 for 8oz is beyond my limit.

** Just read Wookiemouses post. And I have to say, if this were 3 years earlier (my child is almost 5), I would have just ordered it. Heck if it were just 2 years earlier.
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