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i don't like that green tea soap. i don't use it on my face but will use it on my back and chest whenever i get a sample. if i remember i request a sample of something other than the soap.

i recently bought their last and brow stimulator. we'll see
So funny how everyone's skin is diff. The green tea soap is working much better than the aubrey one I bought. I am still on the hunt for the one that 2poodles talked about in her thread. My nearest Whole Foods was not carrying it but I may be near another one this weekend and I will check it out.
I found it in the aisle that has the cosmetics - Dr. Hauscha products, etc. It was on a lower shelf. It wasn't near any of the other regular soaps/cleansers. You might have to ask...

I'm still loving the Pomega5 - both the original and the one from whole foods. I also used that green tea soap that I got as a sample from mua - I like that as well.
Thanks for that info - I will make sure to look there!
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