[/quote]And isnt tipping optional. If a stylist is going to turn away a repeat customer for failure to tip, they are showing unprofessionalism. Some of us here scrimp and save a long time to be able to afford a good haircut.
Just my opinion.[/quote]

I would never turn a customer away for not tipping/tipping well, but I certainly wouldnt throw them any extras like conditioning treatments, scalp massages, free blowouts, samples ect. Ill want to get then in and out so I can take someone who appreciates my knowledge and skill.

As for tipping lawyers, doctors and the like they charge WAY more for your time and you pay them a copay on top of what you are paying each week for insurance to afford them. Lawyers get a hell of a lot more than we do as stylists. These are way better paying jobs than that of a stylist many of which come with bonuses or incentive programs. Just b/c we have the potential to make a "good living" doesnt mean its that easy. Many of us work long hours, on call for really demanding people. I once had a client throw a hissy fit b/c I was taken out of work by my doctor for preeclampsia in my 8th month of pregnancy the day before her regularly scheduled haircut. She didnt care about me or the health of my uinborn child. Only that I wasnt available to trim her hair. Did I mention that we dont get health benefits paid by our employers? We dont get paid maternity leave and will actually lose clients if we dont get right back to it after giving birth. Yes people expect us to papoose the child so they can get their hair done. We also have to have our own workers insurance to cover us in case something were to happen at work.

For many of us who dont charge $50+ for a haircut a tip isnt just extra $. It has a purpose.
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