I used to work at a vet's office (bear with me, this is relevant) and we got complaints all the time about the high prices. What people didn't realize was that the vast majority of the money coming in - we're talking some 90% or so - went straight back out, so that we could purchase good products and provide the very best care for the animals we treated. But all people saw were their high bills, and they became angry at us, because they had no idea why they were paying so much. Despite the cost to pet owners, veterinary medicine is by no means a field one enters into if one wishes to make a lot of money. Based on kc02917's posts, it sounds like a similar situation for stylists - the costs are so high simply because the profits are such a small percentage of what's coming in.

If you have a problem with the tip system, please take your anger out on the system, not the people who rely on it to make a living wage. For example, you could fight to increase the wage given to stylists, allowing them to rely more on a steady income and less on fluctuating and fickle tips. Use that anger you have about tipping to enact positive change. Because for now, by failing to tip your stylist, the only change you're enacting is making it harder for her to pay her bills.
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