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Originally Posted by CelticCurls
To those of you who love your bangs, wave that fringe proudly in the breeze. To those (like me) who embrace their porpoise heads, stand tall. Just remember: none of us has a forehead as big as Christini Ricci's, & she highlights that thing.

I think very few people can pull off real bangs, & even fewer curlies -- I don't mean a few short face-framing tendrils, I'm talking full-on Xena Warrior Princess bangs. I used to let a few short corkscrews sproing over my forehead, & once I let them grow out my SO kindly said, "I really like you without the bangs, I can see your elegant forehead." Yep, he's a keeper.
You have a way with words!

Don't forget about Peyton Manning (I know he's not a curly but he's the first person I think of when it comes to big foreheads....sorry colts fans )
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