prior to reading this I was experimenting with multiple products and my curling iron. All in the hopes of having Taylor swift hair.
Here's what worked:
So I wash and condition my hair and AS SOON AS I GET OUT OF THE SHOWER, I throw some leave-in conditioner in it (I use aussie catch the way mousse and leave in conditioner) and then I gently plot it with a towel. Then I throw some mousse in it (Tresemme usually), heat protector (aussie sydney smooth heat protectant) and scrunch it a bit. If I have time, I would diffuse it... But diffusers and my hair don't agree, so I skip that.
Then, once it's air dried, I take my 1/2" curling iron and take small sections of my hair, twirling and wrapping my hair around it. Usually I'll already have some nice curls, so I only do what hasn't curled properly.
After all of that, it should be looking similar.

Good luck and I hope that helped!!