I tried the hairfinity for a little while. Like you I felt that it should be ok because the webite didn't really have any outlandish claims and I found some of the free information on the site very helpful. BUT,... that was before I found NC.com and started to really take a proactive approach to my hair and hair care.

I don't think that there is anything wrong with the product, I just felt like I can go to my local health food or vitamin shop and buy the supplements myself. No shipping charges and you can tweak it for your needs (Right now I just get a hair nail and skin mutli-vitamin which has a very similar dosage listing and supplement the biotin, or msm depending on what that particular brand may lack). IMHO whether you decide to use this product or just go buy vitamins locally, the real key is consistancy in using them.

"[My hair and I] are in an unhealthy relationship and I am the abuser."


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