Dems booing Bush in 2005 was wrong and in poor taste. Why was Wilson's behavior worse - for the Republicans, not the Dems? Because now, a name and face can be associated with the crude behavior. It's on tape...he's apologized...he's be criticized (props to the Reps who did so). Joe Wilson did it vs the Dems did it. It was personalized and that never wins in this type of situation.
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But does anyone think there is a distinct difference between booing and calling the President a liar, specifically? Especially when the President is not a liar, according to anyone who has read the bill?

The fundamental difference here is that Joe Wilson is a racist. Congressional Democrats were not racist when they booed Bush, they were just being disrespectful. And, in fact, the only reason we need to discuss the whole illegal immigrant "problem" with health care is because congressmen and their constituents are just that - racist. Anyone who knows a damn thing about health economics knows that nothing is going to change by not allowing undocumented immigrants to get subsidized health insurance. Taxpayers will still be paying for them. And, in fact, we'll be paying MORE for them when they show up to the emergency room in really bad shape because they couldn't afford to go see a primary care doctor a few months earlier. And this is fundamentally one of the reasons why our health care system is so expensive now.

So, yeah, racist. Racist and stupid.
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According to the Democrats who have read the bill, he's not a liar. According to the Republicans who have read the bill, he is. Truth is, has ANYone read the entire bill? I doubt it. I've read parts of it because a coworker had to write a term paper on it for school. I didn't see anything about covering minorities in it, but the death panels were clearly there. Page 425 I believe. Are they called death panels? Of course not.

My guess is everyone is lying a bit because I feel at this point, most of them only care about power and staying in office. The idea that either party cares soooo much about US is laughable to me.