I'm trying to get a new routine sorted out (and figure out if I have any ingredient sensitivities), so I'm keeping a little hair journal. By date, I'm keeping track of the dew point, how I wash/style my hair, and products used, then at the end of the day I note whether I liked/disliked the result and how dry my hair felt.

So, right now this seems like a good idea But it's a bit tedious. Is this likely to help me, or am I wasting my time? It seems like a LOT of stuff in there and it may be hard to pinpoint specific good/bad products/techniques in the sea of information.
Trying to figure out porosity - medium to low, I think? Medium texture, rapidly greying, and free of dye/relaxers since 2010. Recently chopped from hip length to a jaw-length stacked bob

Claim to fame - Inventor of plopping when it was called "the towel trick"!!

Cleanser: Deva Low Poo
Rinse-out/LI: Deva OneC, Curl Keeper
Styler: Krystal Ecostyler