I used my Body Envy mousse this morning. So far, I'm having a decent hair day. I didn't like how it distributed, but I think that's just b/c I'm used to joiwhip, which is very creamy. This mousse is more like other mousses I've used, where it disappears very quickly when you squish it. I used a bit more than I use of joiwhip (because it kept disappearing and I find I need more of the HE stylers in general). I'd say I probably put about 2 squirts the size of a softball into wet hair, then I scrunched with a paper towel, and scrunched in a small squirt the size of a golf ball into the ends. It smells really nice, and the HE Body Envy scent is definitely my favorite out of all their lines. I used it over GF Curl& shine and recoil. I have more volume than usual, which is really great. The crunch was fairly easy to scrunch out, and the hold is decent so far, but nothing like the Body Envy gel. I have some very nice ringlets around my face, but overall a bit less definition and clumping than with BE gel or joiwhip mousse. I also had a bit more frizz than usual, so I smoothed in some SIF. This mousse has promise, but not HG potential so far. I will probably use it up on days when I'm willing to sacrifice some definition for the extra volume.
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