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Default Seborrheic dermatitis. Anyone else deal with this?

I have delt with this most of my life, but it's always been fairly mild. If I shampooed with Head and Shoulders a few times a month it kept it in check.

But, in the last couple of weeks I have had a really bad flair up of this. So bad, just touching my hair caused a cascade of flakes falling. They were falling on my glasses all day. I finally went to the dermatologist when I began developing a rash on my eyelids, behind my ears and even on my chest. Ugh.

Anyway, she gave me a pill (for vaginal yeast infections...I guess this is related to too much yeast), creams and a prescription shampoo. The shampoo is a sulfate shampoo and she instructed me to use it everyday for a week! This after having not used any shampoos for over 4 months. I have to wonder if this is what triggered it so bad...I had even stopped using the Head and Shoulders all together as well.

But, I did as told and it has helped tremendously. I'm down to using it twice a week now, but it frustrates me that I have to use this.

I was just wondering if anyone else battles this...and are there any non-sulfate shampoos to treat this. I've heard of using tree tea oil, but have not tried it.

So far just experimenting with anything and everything!!!!
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