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Originally Posted by jerseygirl07067 View Post
I tend to just use the same light conditioner for the CO wash part and for the conditioner part - if I use a heavier conditioner after the CO wash it seems to weigh me down.

What's interesting is that I recently reread the CG book. I totally adjusted the amounts to what the book said (for wavies) as I realized I was way overdoing it with the conditioner. A big difference and my hair has more body. I still low poo once a week or more if needed though, since I am a wavy not so much a curly.
Yup I think I've over-done it with condish at times until I re-read the CG handbook too. I do find that the Suaves, V05's aren't ideal for me personally but I think it's the combination of ingredients that my hair tends to dislike with those.

goober I forgot that I had told you about this Modifications are usually necessary for each individual. Do you find washing upside down makes any difference for you? I find that it is less "disturbing" to my canopy and keeps my wave pattern better by doing this.

ETA: Do you guys think my thread title is appropriate?? I can't seem to get it right...............
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