Where or whom do you think the bigger pressure among Black women to straighten their hair comes from? Whites? Or Blacks?
Am I wrong by saying that White folks generally mind kinky/curly hair less than Blacks themselves?

Detroiter Tiffany Buckley-Norwood says her thick, kinky-curly hair made her a target for ridicule in school.

"I was already different because I was a black Latina (Cuban) living in a predominately black community," says the labor and employment law attorney. "I remember in elementary and middle school, I would cry because people would tease me because my hair wasn't relaxed."

This came into my mind after reading some things about Chris Rock’s “Good Hair”.
Non-Black folks don’t even understand what “good hair” is supposed to mean.
Btw, I don't mean to discard Asians and Latinos here. I think most of them are also pretty clueless about "good hair", with the possible exceptions of Latino communities with considerable African influence, Dominicans being a primary example.
according to Fia's.