use Biolage Conditioning Balm and AOHR. They are both extra moisturizing. The Garnier Triple Nutrition and the Live Clean Moisturizing Conditioner just didn't measure up in my coarse, dry hair. I'd love to try the Lustrasilk OOC and Mango-Shea, but we just can't get them in Canada.
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I really wanna try the Biolage conditioning balm. I think I've found the best deal at the beauty supply outlet. Where do you get yours?

I've just learned that there is a Sally's in the town next to mine, so I'm hoping they have the Lustrasilk there as I also really want to try it...and I've never been to a Sally's. Do you have one near you you might be able to get it at? Wanted to try the GVP knockoff Biolage conditioning balm from there too but when I called to ask about it they said they didn't have it. Sigh
Ontario, Canada
3a/3b - fine texture/high porosity
Others: CLU towel, Mebco comb, occasional diffuser