crazy curlz I don't think this will only work for wavies curlay girlay isn't a wavie and it worked for her. Remember Tiffany's motto too, Curl Pattern isn't the most important thing when taking care of our hair. Texture & Porosity is KEY!

I haven't even tried sealing in the "true" sense with an Oil because I added CK back to the routine and it would be too much stuff in my hair. I plan to try it when my hair has had enough of CK when it gets colder. For me, CK probably does what sealing does for you in terms of keeping the POOF down.

A while back we had some discussion on what was the best way to DT. Dry hair or Wet hair. I'll never find that thread I tried searching and I haven't been able to dig it up. What the conclusion was (as I recall) it's a matter of personal preference and possibly your hair type. I prefer to Spritz a bit first because I feel that the condish is absorbed better and it's easier to distribute then doing it on Dry Hair. There was also the issue of breakage when trying to spread it on dry hair.

karen go for it!
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