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My hair is really frustruating lately. First off, I've finally grown it to BSL when dry and it's REALLY misbehaving. It's getting less wavy. More frizzy. Really tangly. Oh, and again, it's frizzy. I'm okay with some frizz, but it's ridiculous.
And, I've moved, and my water is hard and my hair hates it. It feels like crap after I've cowashed and conditioned.
Am I doomed to having shoulder length hair? Why can't I grow my hair out? WHAAAH!
Just felt like venting. I am working a few things out but the hard water/maybe having to do a big chop is annoying.
Wavy, curly on the ends, 2C.
Coarse to medium textured, porous, dry, and lots of it.
Shampoo--HSH Pumpkin, Abba Pure Moisture
LVPNG, HSH Pumpkin, Walgreen's Knockoffs--Condish/Cowash
AOHR, Nexxus, EO--LI
CK & ReCoil--Activator
Suave Max Hold, Alagio Curl-Gel
For inquiring minds who want to know:
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