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Originally Posted by DEL2C View Post
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I tried this and I got 2nd day hair, great second day hair and I haven't been getting 2nd day all for a while. Thanks Del! Oh, and I am not porous. I also noticed on the Lustrasilk shea/mango cholesterol, like other "treatments" it says to apply to freshly washed hair that has been "towel dried"....which would mean that your hair would not be soaking wet. So I am definitely going to do this method to get more out of my conditioners.
Well there goes my theory of this not working on Med Porous heads

Maybe rudee is Low/Med porosity?

YAY for 2nd hair curlykey!
You know, it occurred to me this AM that I should likely retest for porosity/texture, etc - seeing as my hair has changed drastically in the past year.

But Del, answer this science question: I get the premise behind why this would work for porous hair. What would be the most likely reason one would NEED to fully saturate their hair in order for it to accept product....?
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