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Lori, thanks for the article!

I'm still growing too and dealing with a third color - my true, natural color (the ungray parts). Who knew it was such a dark brown? I had no idea. It blends relatively well, but it's tougher to deal with mentally than the gray is - the gray is SUPPOSED to show and be different, but this third color is just... in the way.

On the plus side, the gray just sparkles. I've always loved red and black and white and now very nearly live in those colors. Red looks fabulous with the gray hair. (I also just bought a pair of glasses with chunky bright red frames, and I get TONS of compliments, even from people I don't know!)

Anyway. It's growing! It's gray! It's multi-colored!

Rock on with your bad self.


Be excellent to each other. ~ Abraham Lincoln

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