When your hair started to get weighed down it was trying to tell you it had been conditioned enough, not necessarily that the CG routine wasn't for you. I have fine hair and if my hair detangles well when I rinse it I do not apply any CO at all (I learned this from another curly, btw), spritzing with lavender spray gives it a fresh-washed scent. Also, it's a good idea to rotate COs after a while and/or when the seasons change.

However, the modified routine for wavies includes shampooing occasionally. A good hint is also to dilute the SLS shampoo in 3-4 parts warm water, they are pretty concentrated "as is" and they're better distributed this way (and also more economical).

In any case, there's much more to the routine than just not using shampoo - like the advice on how to handle our hair, how to style it, color it and cut it.
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