Sherry, if No Poo works for you, you might just want to stick with it. I used it, alternating w/ V05 Kiwi from 02-04 (I've been around about as long as Half Wavy ) for the 2 yrs I did full CG. I have hair down the middle of my back, & I only need a tsp of the stuff. It's really quite economical compared to other products. One bottle used to last me 3 months.

I've now been modified-CGthe last 3 yrs; if you're ready to go non-sulphate poo (ie, betaine based usually), a whole world of products opens up for you. I use ABBA Creme Moist lately. It's not cheap, about the same as Devacurl, but an 8oz bottle lasts me 4 months and it's available everywhere, even here. I also really like Curl Junkie's two moisturizing, very gentle poos. Jessicurls Cleansing cream was less moisture for me. My far & away favorite is still Shikai Color Reflect, which I used to get at health stores, but now order online from bcuz their prices & shipping rates are so great. This stuff never dries out my hair and keeps my highlights bright.

I remember when CG first took this place by storm. The concepts did help many, but many of also found they were too extreme and inflexible and instead we just incorporated the ideas that worked for us into a modified version of CG, or simply just became more product aware & chose gentler 'poos. My looks far, far better since I began using non-sulfate poo sparingly & using amodimethicone more. Even the founder of CG embraced that one.
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