Anything for you DEL my

I am actually surprised it worked because I thought only porous heads would benefit. But when I read further and realized why it works, by introducing condish before the hair gets saturated by water, it made sense to give it a try. My hair is stubbornly non-porous and is probably the reason why I have always suffered with dry hair.

With the Lustrasilk, I normally do not care for it as a rinse-out either because it lacks slip, but using it in this manner, sort of as a pre-poo, seemed to work very well. And as a winter leave-in, I can pile it on my fine hair without worry of getting weighed down.

I will be trying this new method with other condish as well. I have the Aura, KBB Super Silky, and Jessicurl Aloeba and Too Shea! I'm hoping for wonderfully moisturized hair all winter long.

Thanks, DEL!