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Another Indian girl I didn't know there were this many Indian curlies on NC! When I read thread I immediately related to so much! Lol, my mom does the coconut oil thing/dry comb until its poofy thing with her curly hair. My hair was pin straight when I was younger..I'm not sure when it went wavy (maybe at 9?), because I continued treating it like straight hair (dry brushing/shampooing), so over the years we thought it was just becoming frizzier and I'd just have to live with how my hair was. I wore it in braids and ponytails from ages 8-14. I'm 16 now and I love my hair now that I know it's actually curly, not frizzy, and I know how to actually take care of it. It's nice to see I'm not the only one! This thread was so relatable for me and great to see.
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